What is the way the buyer initiates a complaint?

Buyers can click on “Contact Us” on the Home Page to initiate a complaint.

What is the difference between HirenBhai and the other website?

HirenBhai is providing complete digital solutions for all the business-related needs. It assists its customers with:
• Buyer and supplier payment protection plan, wherein Online Payment can be made for any product/service of HirenBhai or its partners
• Fast, Flexible and Collateral Free Business Loans
• Ship your products with the logistics partners of Fox overseas
• Export Bill Discounting: Collateral free payment solution for exporters

How can I change the product price to my local currency?

Please follow below steps to change the product price from US dollar to other currencies:
1. Go to HirenBhai website.
2. Click English-USD button and choose the currency you prefer to view, then click Save.

Can I register on HirenBhai as supplier if I don't have a company?

If you are a supplier but don’t have a company on HirenBhai, it may be unsuitable for you to register as a supplier, since HirenBhai is a business to business website, which means suppliers should register as a company member. Since you are individual supplier and want to buy, we advise you register as buyer.

Do you have a sales department?

Yes, we have. You can send an email on kachariya.hiren18@gmail.com to contact our sales department. However,if you want to contact the sales department to discuss the products listed on Foxoverseas, please be advised that the products belong to the supplier members so you need to contact the supplier directly.

What is the difference between Free and Paid Membership?

The main differences between free members and paid members are the following features:

1. Product Posting

2. Priority Ranking

3. Ability to quote Buying Requests

4. Customized Website.

What is HirenBhai Business Trust System?

HirenBhai Business Trust System is a solution for e-commerce companies to exhibit their capabilities for a global audience. The system leverages data to create a presentation and rating which provides an overall indication of trustworthiness to potential business partners.

It aims to promote 2-commerce by improving sourcing efficiency and reducing costs associated with finding trustworthy trade partners.

What kind of memberships do you have?

Currently, there are two types of Global membership on HirenBhai:
1. Free Membership: As a free member, it’s free to register.
2. Fox Supplier Membership: There are several packages to become a paid  Supplier. Also, you can email kachariya.hiren18@gmail.com for more info.

Under what circumstances can the buyer not get the service guarantee?

The seller is not liable for the buyer’s reasons (including but not limited to modifying the order content, changing the logistics information, not contacting, refusing to provide packaged label information, refusing to pay and rejecting the goods, etc.) or force majeure causing the seller to fail to provide the service.

What can I do if I am new on HirenBhai website?

Glad to have you on HirenBhai:)
HirenBhai is one of the world’s largest marketplace for global trade and leading provider of online marketing services for importers and exporters. It is the platform for buyers and suppliers to find trade opportunities and promote businesses online.
The first thing you should do before diving into the website is register for a free buyer account.
Fill out as much information as you can, including your company name, company website and a business email address. Most suppliers prefer to work with established businesses, and the first way they make sure you’re legitimate is by viewing these credentials.

Can I have a copy of Invoice from you?

Please understand the invoice is offered by the corresponding seller. To get the invoice, please contact the seller directly

What is the membership fee on HirenBhai?

Membership Fees for Fox Suppliers is INR 3000+GST

How do I rank higher for my products?

To improve the ranking performance of your products, we recommend you optimize the keywords and add as much relevant information in the product details as possible. For membership, contact our service team at kachariya.hiren18@gmail.com

How do I buy on HirenBhai?

To buy on Foxoverseas, please refer to below instructions:

Step 1. Find products/suppliers you are interested with on HirenBhai.

There are mainly two methods to find products on HirenBhai:
1) Enter keywords and search on HirenBhai home page;

2) Post RFQ;

Step 2. Contact specific Supplier to negotiate the product/order details (such as product price, shipping method, shipping cost etc.

Step 3. After all order details confirmed, place order online.

Security & Fox Overseas Rules

Scam/Spoof Email

What can I do if my account is stolen?

If you suspect your account was used by someone without consent, please follow below steps:

1, If you still can access your account, please sign in to the account to check if any information is changed, reset your password directly and click here to bind your security phone number with your account to enhance account security.

2, If you cannot access your account anymore, please contact HirenBhai Customer Service Team directly to get more support.


If you suspect the account had been stolen or phished, please inform all your partners/customers of the issue and ask them do not to make any payment to any account without your prior authorization. If payment has already been made, please ask them to notify the bank of the fraud and let the bank block the transfer immediately.

How do I know if an email is really from HirenBhai?

Key features of typical phishing emails or websites include:

Key features


Fake Email Address

Fraudsters typically send emails using fake email addresses. Some of these addresses may appear to be real such as tradealert@hirenbahi.com or security@hirenbhai.com.

Please be aware that the ‘From’ field in emails can be easily altered and that it is not a reliable indicator of the true origin of an email.

Non-Personal or Generic Greetings

Most fraud emails start with a generic greeting such as ‘Dear hirenBhai Member’ or Dear hirenBhai User’. Please note that emails from HirenBhai start with your first name, i.e. ‘Dear/Hi Tanya,’.

Stress Urgency/Threaten Your Account Status

Fraudulent emails typically claim that your account has been suspended and that you need to supply your personal information, such as your Member ID, password or credit card number (usually without any explanation).

They will also try to scare you into “taking urgent action” by threatening to suspend your account if you do not provide sensitive information as soon as possible.

Fake Website Addresses (URLs)

Fake emails usually contain website addresses (URLs) that link to fake websites that then ask for your personal information.

Please note that if HirenBhai requests information from you, we will always direct you back to the HirenBhai site.

Fake Feedback Forms

Many fraud emails will ask you to click a link or complete a form that is similar to those provided by HirenBhai. Through this ploy, fraudsters hope to trick you into sharing your personal details, such as your Member ID, password or credit card information.

Constant Reference to the HirenBhaiUser Agreement

In their emails/websites, fraudsters constantly refer to the HirenBhai User Agreement in order to appear legitimate and authoritative. To counter this, please consult with HirenBhai Customer Service Team.

To appear legitimate, fraudsters will also sign off their fraudulent emails using normal HirenBhai sign offs, such as xyz@security.hirenbhai.com. If you are unsure of the legitimacy of the email that you received or are concerned that you may have been a victim of phishing emails/websites, please contact us and sign in to My Profile a to change your password immediately.

Suspicious Members

How do I send feedback for product details?

Go to the product search list page, find the product you want to send feedback, click “…”-“Product feedback”

What can I do if my information was misused by other companies?

Please be advised that hirenBhai takes information privacy seriously. If your information has been misused by companies on hirenBhai, please follow the below steps to report them. Our security team is specialized in processing these complaints.

HirenBhai Rules

I didn't buy anything. Why I received an order confirmation email?

First, check if any order has been placed under your account.check orders.
If no order found, check if there is any suspicious links in the email. If yes, don’t click or sign in to the link. If you believe it is a phishing email, please report it to us.

Identity Verification

Why cannot I receive the Email verification code?

If you do not receive email verification code, please check the situations below:

1. Please check if your mailbox works, or if it goes to trash/spam folder or mailbox is full;
2. Check with your email service operator to see whether they blocked the verification code email or filtered the email as spam;
3. Please add the email address from  kachariya.hiren18@gmail.com to your white list and then try again;
4. Your email code may take up to 10 minutes to arrive (depends on your email service operator). Do not repeatedly clicking;
5. Network anomalies may cause loss of messages. Please re-submit request, use different browsers, clear cookies and try again later

What can I do if the received verification code shows invalid?

The verification code received will be expired in 15 mins. If expired, please click ” Click here to receive verification code” button to get the code again.

Why can not I verify my account by answering the privacy question?

It’s determined by the system whether you are supported to verify your account by answering the privicy question. For security reason, you are suggested to verify through email or phone verification.

Can you send code to both my email and mobile?

The verification code was sent by the system automatically. For account security concern, the system will select the securer channel for account verification.

If your account was bound with verification phone number, then SMS verification will be required. Or you will be asked to complete verification through registered email address.

How do I bind security phone to my account?

To bind phone number to your account and enable SMS verification, you need to complete the verification via email first.

If you have no access to current registered email address: seek help from HirenBhai Customer Service Team.

If you have access to your account:

1. Go to My Account, click Enter Mobile Number. and enter the phone number. Follow the guides to finish the binding.

2. Complete Email verification as below

3. Enter the phone number you want to bind with, Request a free verification code to complete the phone verification.

Why cannot I receive the SMS verification code?

If you don’t receive SMS verification code, please check the situations below:

1. Do not input ‘0’ before your phone number after chosen the country code and make sure you input correct phone number instead of landline.
2. Please move your SIM card into another mobile phone or restart your phone and try again with anti-virus software turned off.
3. Network anomalies may cause loss of messages. Check whether your mobile phone is out of service. Please re-submit request by changing network.
4. Check with your phone service company to see if they blocked the system messages and ask them to unlock the service for you.

Account Reactivation & Cancellation

Account Reactivation

My account was deactivated. Why can I still find my account info in the search results?

Once an account is deactivated, any related information will be removed from hirenBhai within 24 hours. During that time period, you can still manage your complaints and on-going orders if there are any.

If still remains after 24 hours, please contact the Customer Service Team and provide the link for further checking.

Why was my account deactivated due to security reasons?

Sorry to hear that your account is temporarily unavailable because of a recently completed security check. The said security check is taken at random for all the members. It is regularly run by  HirenBhai to ensure that our website is a safe trading environment both for you and your business partners.

Why did I get the notice “Sorry, due to security concern,your account cannot be logged in”?

For sanction compliance reasons, your accounts in HirenBhai are closed. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Account Cancellation

How do I remove my account information from HirenBhai permanently?

Currently, you can remove your account information from HirenBhai if it meets certain requirements.

1) If you’re EU users, please send your request to data protection connect@hirenbhai.com for further checking. You will get a reply within 30 business days.

2) If you’re not EU users, please contact HirenBhai Customer Service Team to get more support.

How do I cancel my membership?

If you deactivate/cancel/delete your HirenBhai account, you will lose all of your contacts and messages on the HirenBhai portal.

If you still want to close your HirenBhai account, please sign in to My Account -Member Profile, then click “Deactivate Account”, fill out the deactivation form to cancel the account. It will take effect immediately.

Account Setting

Account Management

How do I change my password?

Go to “My Profile”, click on “change password”

Who can add tags for me?

Suppliers who visit your profile can add tags for you.

Can I change my Member ID?

Member ID is automatically generated when you registered and it can’t be changed. For your kind information, it will not affect the use of your account.

How do I upload my photo in My HirenBhai ?

To upload/modify your photo, please go to My Profile and click your photo beside the account name to upload or modify it.

Where does the information come from on my Business Profile?

he basic information is from the data you provided to HirenBhai in the past. The activity information including searching, inquiry and RFQ (Request for Quotations) are created by yourself on HirenBhai.

How do I hide my personal contact info?

Your contact information will only be accessed by sellers with whom you have shared business card and will never be published on HirenBhai.
If you don’t want to share your contact info, do NOT tick the option of “I agree to share my Business Card with quoted suppliers” when posting RFQ.

How to modify the key word in Trade Alert?

To manage your Trade Alerts, like modifying the keywords, you may take the following steps:

1) Sign in to the HirenBhai account
2) Go to “Account” and click “Email Service” to find Trade Alert.
3) Click”Settings”, then you may change the keyword of your Trade Alert. You can add 10 keywords.

How do I change verification phone if my old phone is no longer in use?

If your account was registered on HirenBhai, please download the application form here: Change security phone number-normal membership. Note: If you are an individual user, please provide us with a copy of your personal identification, e.g. passport or driver’s license.

How do I modify my account information?

your HirenBhai Account—> My profile—>modify your informations

How do I add two email addresses to my account?

If you want to add another email address with your account, you could add it as Alternative Email.

Registration & Login

Login & Password

What can I do after resetting my password many times but still fail to log in?

Please try again, and pay attention to the following:

1. Use your registered email address and password to sign in.
2. Don’t type with “Caps Lock” on, as passwords are case sensitive.
3. Do not include blank spaces before or after your password.
4. To avoid possible errors with cookies, please clear the cookies in your browser.
5. Please make sure that you changed password successfully and type in the latest password.

If you are still having difficulties signing in, please contact our LiveChat Service Team.

What can I do if I forgot my account ID or email address?

To help you retrieve your account, please contact Customer Service Team and provide as much information as you can, so we could try to locate the account for you, such as:

Email address

Order number

Inquiry ID


Shall I tick "Stay Signed In" checkbox ?

If you are signing in on a device or computer that is shared with other people, we strongly recommend you do not tick this checkbox.

If this is a personal device that you do not share with other people, you can tick the checkbox to stay signed in to your Foxoverseas account on this device.

For your account security, we may sometimes ask you to confirm your login credentials again.

What can I do if I forgot my password?

If you forgot your password, you could try to retrieve password by following below steps:
1. Click “Lost Password” on the Sign In page.

What can I do if I failed to sign in with correct ID or password?

1. As the password is case sensitive, please check if ‘Caps Lock’ on your keyboard is on. Please try to copy and paste the password to sign in and make sure you don’t enter blank spaces before and after your password.

2. Please clear your browser cookies or change a browser to have a try.

3. Please try to retrieve your password to see if a new password can resolve it.

Why can not I reset password?

Password on HirenBhai should meet the requirements below:
1. 6-20 characters;
2. Use a mix of letters, numbers and punctuation marks (except spaces);
3. Among uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation, at least 2 types included, like HirenBhaiIndia108.Tips on creating a secure password :
1. Use a combination of letters and numbers – e.g. Ushafan28, with no spaces
2. Use multiple words without spaces – e.g. thebestboss
3. Never use single words that can be found in any dictionary – e.g. manager or employee
4. Never use personal information that others can easily obtain or guess – e.g. your name, phone number, or birth date
5. Never use your email address as a password
6. Never use common passwords – e.g. 123456 or ABCDEF

How do I close mobile number sign in?

If your mobile is in use but want to close mobile number sign in,please sign in My Account and click “Close Mobile Number Sign In”.


Can I create an account without a phone number?

Yes. You can register an account without a phone number. Only email address is a must to register an account on hirenbhai.com.
But a valid phone number will help your potential business partners to reach you more efficiently. Therefore, you’re suggested to enter your phone number when registering. Also, please rest assured the information will be kept confidential.

What can I do if it says I already have an account?

If it says you’ve already have an account when registering, it’s usually because the email address you filled in has been registered under another account.

Since one email address can be used to registered only one account, please fill in another one.

What can I do if I misspelled my email address when registering?

If you misspelled the email address during registration, please contact our Customer Service Team with correct email address so we could replace the incorrect one for you.

How can I register an account on HirenBhai ?

Go to Login page, click Join Free to register an account.

Why cannot I register on HirenBhai?

1. If you failed to receive the confirmation email, please click “Click here to resend the email” 2. If you don’t have the company name, you could fill it with your full name in the company name column.
3. If you got an error message like “Please log in or register with a new email”, that means your email address is already used by another account under the HirenBhai group, you could use a new email to register on HirenBhai .com or sign in with and activate the account on HirenBhai.com.
4. If the page got stuck, please change a browser or clear browser cookies to retry.

RFQ (Request for quotations)

RFQ Management

How will the suppliers find my Buying Request?

If your RFQ has been approved, it will be posted in our RFQ. Sellers will search the RFQ and contact you directly.

Why did I not get credits for someone I referred?

Below are several reasons why the referral may not be valid:

•The person who clicked the link is already an Fox overseas user.

•The user clicked on your link and didn’t post a valid Buying Request.

•The user clicked on your link but did not complete the registration on the same day.

•The referred member posted a valid Buying Request and subsequently canceled or closed it within the same day.

•The referred members were detected as robots or false members. If this occurs, all your credits will be invalidated

What is RFQ?

RFQ is short for Request for Quotation which helps you find the right suppliers. Submit an RFQ tells suppliers what you are looking for exactly and you might receive quotes from suppliers.

I do not want emails for Buying Request. What can I do?

If your RFQs posted have been approved, you will receive quotation notification email. If you don’t want to receive these emails, simply close your RFQ.

Why is my RFQ still pending?

Kindly be advised that it would take 24 working hours to audit your RFQ after you submit it.

Please wait patiently and you could click here to check the status. Meanwhile, you can also search for the product you want to buy proactively on our home page HirenBhai and chat with suppliers in real-time. Wish you find the exact product that you want as soon as possible.

RFQ Posting

Is it possible to attach a photo to my buyers request after it has been approved

If your RFQ has been approved and has not yet received any quotations, you can attach a photo by clicking ‘Edit’ and then ‘Add Attachments’

Who are Recommended Suppliers?

These are suppliers who are recommended based on your trading activity in the last 24 hours.

What can I do if I received a quotation but the supplier has not contacted me?

f the supplier sent you a quotation but has not contacted you, we suggest you contact the supplier directly at the quotations’ detail page as below:

1.Click “Chat Now” to talk with the supplier in a real time via TradeManager;

2.Click on the supplier’s company name and then visit the supplier website,you may see the supplier’s comtact information like phone number or email address;

3.Click “Show more” to see if there are more contact information.


Send Inquiry

What is Messages Center & Contacts?

Messages Center & Contacts is a communication management section that gives you an easy and efficient way to track your messages on HirenBhai.
With Messages & Contacts, you can: Manage your HirenBhai profile inquiries and quotations. Store all of your messages in a central location.Block junk emails/spam with our spam-filtering tools.

How can I get a quick and accurate quotation?

You are suggested to follow below three tips when send inquiry or post RFQ to get a quick and accurate quotation:

1)Demonstrate that you are a serious buyer with a legitimate business.
2)Describe the product you are trying to source with as much detail as possible to ensure your requirements are met.
3)Ask questions to determine whether the supplier is a good fit for your business.

Why cannot I send messages?

If you are having trouble sending messages, check to see if an error message is displayed. Here are some additional tips for messaging errors:

Nothing happens when I click “Send”or “Submit”
Please change to another browser, such as Internet Explorer or FirefoxTry clearing your browser’s cookies and cache. Instructions for clearing cookies and cache can be found here.
When you are sending messages using the “Contact Supplier” button, the system may inform you that Chinese characters are not supported. If this is the case, do not enter Chinese characters.

If you still cannot send messages after trying the steps above, please contact HirenBhai Customer Service.

How long will products and suppliers be stored in my Inquiry Cart?

The items in your cart will be kept permanently unless you:

Delete them.
Sent an inquiry for them.
Clear your browser cache.
Use a computer or browser different from the one you used to add those items to your Inquiry Cart.

What are HirenBhai .com Payment Terms?

HirenBhai Payment Terms is a new payment option offered to qualified businesses in the US. Qualified businesses can place an order with any participating supplier on HirenBhai.com, receive an invoice during shipment, and have up to 60 days to pay. Depending on the contractual terms with the supplier, a deposit amount– typically 30% of the total order value – may be required at the time the order is placed. The remaining balance is due within 60 days of invoice issuance.

I have ordered my item, when will I get my invoice of Payment Terms?

You will receive an invoice during order shipment. Invoices will be sent to the designated email address you provided during the application process. You can update this email address within your HirenBhai Payment Terms dashboard. You can also access and track your invoices and payments within this dashboard.

When do I need to pay for an order placed with HirenBhai.com Payment Terms?

The current standard term for HirenBhai.com Payment Terms is 60 days. You will receive an invoice when your order ships, with a due date 60 days from its issuance.

What is a letter of credit (L/C)?

A letter of credit is a document issued by a bank guaranteeing that a buyer will pay the correct amount of money to a seller on time. It can be thought of as a cash advance (undertaking). When the supplier sends documents proving the goods were supplied as described in the L/C, the bank either pays the supplier immediately (known as sight L/C), or on a future date after delivery documents are presented (known as usance L/C). The buyer then pays for the order on an agreed date. If the buyer fails to make the full payment, the bank is required to pay the balance.

Who can apply to use HirenBhai.com Payment Terms?

Currently, HirenBhai.com Payment Terms is an invitation-only program, and only available to US-based registered businesses with a tax ID (EIN – EmployerIdentification Number). Sole proprietorship companies can apply only if they have EIN. If you are not yet invited to apply (the “Apply” button will be gray)and are interested in participating in this program in the future, please email payment_terms@hirenbhai.com.

How do I get a refund when I use HirenBhai.com Payment Terms?

Any terms refunds will be issued by our third-party financial service provider directly to your HirenBhai.com Payment Terms account. Should you have abalance owed to you, you can request a refund based on the information in your account.

What is a customs exam?

A Customs exam is either an X-ray, Tail Gate, or Intensive exam of a shipment. The specific criteria that leads to a customs exam is kept confidential by Customs Departments, however, new importers are more likely to be face a customs exam.

How long & where should I return the empty container ?

There is limited free container usage called free detention offered by carrier, you need to return the empty container to nominated ramp/yard before the latest empty container return day updated by us.

On the other hand, please keep the container “empty and clean” when return or it will be clean charge or fine from carrier.

Where can I ship to with HirenBhai?

HirenBhai Air Freight supports any shipments originating from India shipping to destinations in the US, UK, Canada, Germany and Australia.

Are there any shipping restrictions on cargo dimension (volume), weight or categories?

FCL (Full Container Load)

This shipping service can only be used for non-hazardous goods and containers that are a standard size.

20GP → 28 CBM

40GP → 56 CBM

40HC → 68 CBM

45HC → 78 CBM

LCL (Less than Container Load)

This shipping service can only be used for general goods. It cannot be used for anything fragile, liquid, dangerous, unpackaged, or chemical. An oversized surcharge will be applied for shipments over 10,000KG/ shipment or 20CBM/ shipment.

What is a fuel surcharge?

Fuel Surcharges:
1. A Fuel Surcharge (FSC) is a fee assessed by a carrier to cover the fluctuations in fuel costs. It is calculated as a percentage of the base rate and is usually added to a shipper’s freight bill to cover the cost of operations.
2. HirenBhai Air Freight quotes will include any fuel surcharge fees.

Does shipping quote include all fees?

No. What is included in your shipping quote will be based on the incoterms of your order. If your trade term is FOB, your supplier is responsible for transporting the goods to the origin port. You need to specify an origin port in the quote tool. The logistics quote will cover shipping from the origin port in INDIA to your destination port/address. If your trade term is EXW, your are responsible for transporting the goods from the factory. You need to specify a pick-up address/zip code in the quote tool. The logistics quote will cover shipping from the supplier’s factory in China to your destination port/address.

You also have the option to add accessorial, insurance, customs brokerage and more when placing a logistics quote. Please note that duties and taxes, charged by the USCBP (US Customs & Border Protection) are not included in your logistics quote. Any additional services required will also be added to your invoice (i.e., lift gate for residential delivery address, palletization, labelling, etc).

What is chargeable weight?

The greater of the actual weight and volumetric/dimensional weight becomes the shipment’s chargeable weight (billable weight), which ultimately determines the air freight rates. The industry imposes this method to avoid shipping very light loads that take up much more space than their share of weight load for profitability reasons.

When using HirenBhai Air Freight, our quote tool will calculate rates based on chargeable weight for you so make sure you are entering the gross weight by carton/pallet weight by carton/box/pallet or gross weight by total shipment. Quick note: for air freight quotes, we recommend entering the gross weight by crates/pallets/boxes.

What is gross volume?

Gross volume is the volume of your goods plus packaging. You can find this information in your PI or PO order list.

What is an inside delivery fee?

An inside delivery fee is incurred by the importer (purchaser) of the goods when a trucker is required to go inside to pick up or deliver the cargo. If a shipment’s delivery requires a form of installation, or if the trucker is required to go inside the location (past the front door or loading dock) in order to pick up or deliver the cargo, the trucker may charge an inside delivery fee.

Who is responsible for paying the Inside Delivery Fee?
The importer (purchaser) of the goods is responsible for paying the Inside Delivery Fee.

Gross weight vs Volumetric weight

When calculating air freight rates, airlines typically look at two factors:

1. Actual weight of cargo.
2. Volumetric weight (dimensional weight). A shipment’s dimensional weight is calculated by dividing its volume (length × width × height) by a “dimensional factor” (dim factor).

What is gross weight?

Gross volume is the volume of your goods plus packaging. You can find this information in your PI or PO order list.

Who pays the shipping cost when returning goods on a Trade Assurance order?

In the first instance, please negotiate with the supplier to determine who should pay the shipping cost. If no agreement is reached, you can open a case and the HirenBhai.com resolution team will make a decision.

What can I do if I have been scammed?

If there is trade dispute, please contact supplier for solution first. If it does not work, you can submit dispute to negotiate with supplier further. If still no agreement reached, Fox overseas dispute team will step in to help handle it after case escalation.

Based on your order types, there are two kinds of dispute on HirenBhai currently:
1) Trade Assurance Order Dispute;
2) Offline Trade Dispute;

Order Refund

Can I get the payment processing fee returned when I apply for refund?

Sorry that the payment processing fee was charged for the payment service by banks or some institutions. When you apply for refund, HirenBhai can only return the amount received which you can check on your order detail page- Payment Records area as below, hope you could understand.

What can I do if refund is processed but my paying credit card is closed?

Sorry that HirenBhai.com can only proceed the refund of the Trade Assurance order to the original paying credit card for security reasons.

If the credit card you used to pay is expired or invalid, you need to talk to your bank to see if they could transfer the funds to your new card.

Impact of Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) on Your HirenBhai Order

Due to the recent outbreak of 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV), the production and shipment of some HirenBhai orders may be affected.

Will the logistics be influenced by the coronavirus?

Authorities are taking strict measures on this public health event, and we are also paying close attention to the situation and will cooperate with relevant authorities to expedite logistics when possible.

Will my payment be influenced by the coronavirus?

The payment for Trade Assurance order will not be impacted by the recent 2019 Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak. Please don’t worry.

How will my order be impacted by the recent Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) outbreak?

Every supplier is different. Your order will not necessarily be impacted, but it depends on the unique situation of the supplier you’re working with.

What can I do if I want to donate medical supplies through HirenBhai?

We appreciate it a lot for your kind heart. Currently, if you have any source for medical supplies.We will have related team to contact you directly. Thank you so much for your big support.

Impact of Novel Coronavirus on HirenBhai assessment report

Due to unforeseen circumstances, updates for some Verified Supplier’s assessment reports are delayed until further notice. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Suggestion on Cautiously Trading Medical supplies during the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

There were many unverified sellers posting medical supplies since the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). We kindly suggest buyers cautiously and carefully select the suppliers.

Can I still place Trade Assurance order when I get such a customs clearance notice?

Actually it won’t affect you to place order. However, in view of the uncertainties around customs clearance policies worldwide caused by the current epidemic, please communicate fully with your seller and the local Custom Clearance department of your country on necessary measures and requirements prior to placing an order to ensure smooth customs clearance.

How to find suppliers of personal protective equipment?

HirenBhai.com has created a curated list of suppliers of personal protective equipment to help you quickly find and purchase from high-quality manufacturers. We’re working on adding more suppliers to the list as our team identifies them.