About HirenBhai

The initiative serves as a platform to build collaboration among farmers, distributors (wholesalers and retailers), suppliers, manufacturers, traders, transporters, and customers related to agricultural produce on digital platforms. Digitalization clearly creates settings for effective agrarian practices. Digital technology allows these platforms to target the International Market, while still being rooted in the local (national) economy.


“Digital Farming for Sustainable Agronomy”


Vision: Stimulate productivity growth by the adoption of digital technologies in the agrarian industry.


Mission: Accelerating the digital revolution of the agronomic sector that can meet the rising demand for high-quality products with verifiable sustainability.


Significant Benefits:

  • Direct Supply Chain from Farm to Consumer
  • Increase the value of output by targeting higher value and premium markets
  • Digital Technologies provides opportunities to supply product information at a lower cost
  • Create opportunities to guard against food fraud
  • Detailed Economic Analysis is possible
  • Improved Ecological outcomes due to better land and water management
  • Fascinates some of the superlative young minds by providing a challenging and exciting new career opportunities in the ag-tech sector